Welcome to Leeds, England, United Kingdom. Leeds lies within West Yorkshire county in northern England. It forms large metropolitan area together with neighbouring Bradford where some 2,3 million people live. Leeds might be overshadowed by London or Edinburgh in terms of touristic attractivity but it is very important economical hub for United Kingdom with plenty of landmarks, museums and entertainment venues.

Top 5 Leeds attractions

Leeds has lot to offer and here you can see the most popular places in town:

  • Leeds Town Hall - Magnificient municipal palace in Victorian style hosting many events.
  • Millenium Square - Beautiful renovated square serving also as live entertainment venue.
  • City Square - Square in the city centre with Queens Hotel and several statues.
  • Royal Armouries Museum - National Museum of Arms and Armour in huge modern building.
  • Leeds Art Gallery - Gallery with large collection of 19-th and 20th-century British Art.

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Leeds districts

Following is the complete list of districts in Leeds metropolitan area - just click on the link to get detailed map of particular neighbourhood: